Tree Supply and Planting

Tree selection and procurement

Whether you have a single or large-scale tree supply and planting project, you can trust Arbor Co to find the right tree for you.

We consult with you to select the tree best suited to your needs and the local conditions – a tree that will fit your site or define your new landscape, providing a lasting asset.

Our trusted network of suppliers allows us to make a wide variety of quality advanced trees available to you.  We can arrange pre-purchase stock inspections, ensuring your trees pass our stringent quality control standards.

Planting and aftercare

Planting is a measured process that, if undertaken properly, will help your trees thrive.  Our arborists can inspect your site to determine the best planting process to get your tree off to a healthy start in its new home.

Getting the most out of your tree requires careful attention during its establishment, usually for the first two years after planting.  We offer comprehensive advice, aftercare monitoring and maintenance services tailored to your situation, which helps your tree develop good structure, stay healthy and flourish.