Tree and stump removal

stump_smlTree removal

We value tree preservation but also recognise there are times where tree removal is unavoidable.  Whether a tree is dead, dying, diseased or dangerous beyond repair, Arbor Co offers complete tree removal and disposal solutions.

Our certified and experienced arborists are experts in the dismantling of trees.  Every job is planned from start to finish using specialised equipment and industry best-practice to ensure tree removal occurs safely and efficiently, guarding against property damage or injury.

Thinking of replanting? Visit our tree supply and planting area for how we can help.

Stump removal

Unsightly tree stumps can harbour pests and disease, while taking up valuable space in your garden. We use specialised grinding machines to remove unwanted stumps and large surface roots, returning the area to you for meaningful use.

We generally recommend not planting into fresh stump grindings – either let the area settle and grindings break down before planting, or plant adjacent to the removed stump.

If the area is needed for immediate replanting, Arbor Co can remove unwanted stump grindings and replace with fertile soil to enhance healthy tree growth.