Root Management

Root Investigations and Impact Assessment Reports

Accurately locating tree roots is critical to successful tree retention. Knowing where roots are located allows evidence-based decisions to be made in relation to development around trees. Arbor Co assists with your root investigation needs to avoid tree-related delays in planning approvals and project delivery, ensuring existing trees provide ongoing amenity.

Our qualified arborists use specialised excavating equipment to expose tree roots intact, providing a detailed understanding of tree root activity.  We can interpret the findings and prepare reports to guide design in proximity-retained trees, prepare impact assessment reports verifying existing designs, or identify the design or construction modifications required to preserve retained trees.

Root Pruning


Arbor Co can take care of any root pruning using techniques compliant with the Australian Standard for Protection of Trees on Development Sites (AS4970).

Tree and property protection.

Our expert arborists work with customers to resolve a range of common root related problems such as trip hazards, root intrusion into lawns, lifting and cracking of pavement and damage to retaining walls

We assess and advise on the suitability of pruning or determine appropriate root management strategies. We then undertake root pruning that ensures the protection of your tree, or where root barrier installation is recommended we utilize our network of industry professionals to specify and install, based on the specific site conditions.

Root identification

Arbor Co is experienced in locating and exposing tree roots that may be contributing to damage of nearby structures, whether for litigation purposes where trees are implicated, or to determine appropriate root management strategies. Using our specialised excavation equipment our staff can expose roots, and if necessary sample roots for identification. We can then offer advice on how best to manage the problem if the tree is to be retained.