Why not to Lop

When a tree is lopped, cuts are made to significant limbs in usually indiscriminate places. These pruning cuts, especially in our native trees, promote smaller growth shoots called epicormic growth. These shoots grow into new tree limbs and time and research have proven that epicormic limbs are generally poorly attached to the primary tree limb. This poor attachment results in increased frequency and risk of limb drop or failure over time – thus creating future hazards as a result of poor tree lopping.

Australian Standards and professional arboricultural practice specifies that pruning cuts must be to strict pruning methodology in trees intended for retention so tree lopping is actually not to Australian Standards and therefore should not be sold or offered to the public as a service (similar to not being allowed to sell a car that is not manufactured to Australian Standards). This Standard was created because of the increased risk of injury and property damage over time from the effects of poor pruning.