An Arborist vs Tree Lopper

As a rough rule of thumb never use a tree service provider who calls themselves a lopper, as selling lopping services to amenity trees in Australia is not legal, as the practice increases the risk of tree limb failure over time and also increases the risk of tree health decline further adding to the risks of limb or total tree failure. Tree Lopping is a term that is synonymous with cheap tree work of poor standards. It may also be a an indicator to other business short cuts, such as little or no insurance and increased risks of your property being damaged during the tree works operations. It is also important to note that unlike a bad haircut, poorly pruned trees may never recover or at very best take many years and many hundreds of dollars in professional remedial pruning work to regain a sound structure.

An arborist vs tree lopper – is Certified and trained in correct pruning methods and standards, will offer professional advice and is more likely to follow professional practices to ensure better outcomes for yourself and your trees.