Pro Active Tree Pruning

pro active tree pruning

ArborCo is rare amongst tree companies in the way we manage trees for our clients in a pro-active manner rather than reactively responding to tree or limb failures or tree damage from storms or drought. The best way to prevent tree failures is to manage tree health together with formative pro active tree pruning and dead wooding. We are also one of few tree companies offering superior tree climbing skills and arboricultural knowledge. This means you can be confident in our ability to prune your trees to maintain or improve their look and the tree’s structural integrity.

Types of Tree Pruning

  • Removal of major deadwood.
  • Weight reduction pruning.
  • Crown reduction pruning.
  • Specialist hedge trimming.
  • Sunlight enhancement pruning.
  • Improving form and shape.

ArborCo staff prune trees to Australian Standards AS 4373 – ‘Pruning of Amenity Trees’ as well as local regulations or requirements.