Fungal diseases such as Cypress Canker

cypress canker, tree fungus, tree fungal diseases

• Do any of your trees and shrubs show signs of powder, fungus or black spots?
• Are your trees or plants showing signs of unseasonal dieback?
• Are your trees or plants looking progressively less healthy over the years?
• Have you noticed any sudden decline in your tree’s or plant’s health or vigour?

These are all signs that may identify the presence of fungal disease in your trees or plants and/or the presence of other tree pests or diseases. ArborCo offers identification and treatment targeted to each tree disease. Our application and tree treatments ensure deep and lasting coverage for maximum effect. We specialise in the treatment of Cypress Canker and offer a range of treatments to reduce hedge die back or Cypress decline.

Unlike some companies, we don’t believe in under-treating diseases to offer you lower prices – our quotes include high standard treatments, best application methods and dosage levels recommended by the manufacturer for sustained results.