Soil Aeration/De-Compaction

Soil de-compaction process

ArborCo’s soil de-compaction process, Terralift, creates pathways for air, water and nutrients to enter into the root-zone delivering beneficial deep watering and soil aeration. Our unique Terralift sub-soil probe releases explosive charges of air creating fissures within heavily compacted soil structures. These fissures instantly de-compact the soil allowing air, water and nutrients to flow directly to the root zones of trees, plants and turf.

Benefits of ArborCo’s soil aeration/de-compaction technology –Terralift:

  • Relieves compaction from cars, pedestrians or building works.
  • Improves water use, retention and reduces run-off and erosion.
  • Improves soil drainage and nutrient pathways.
  • Improves tree, plant and turf long-term health.