For over two decades our arborists have been specifying the use of mulch to improve the health and vitality of trees and plants with great long-term results. Good quality tree mulch (as opposed to some commercial tan bark or coloured mulch) provides a range of advantages for trees, plants and soil that include:

  • Improved moisture retention.
  • Improved soil structure over time.
  • Improved environment for beneficial soil fauna such as worms.
  • Improved microbial environment with slow release of nutrients.
  • Natural decompaction of soil.
  • Better environment to promote essential tree and plant feeder roots.
  • Improved tree and plant health to resist pests and disease.
  • Improved tree and plant life expectancy.
  • Aids tree and plant recovery from stress, injury or disease.

Tips for mulching around trees:

  • Best to use good quality aged mulch that appears rich and friable.
  • Never apply too deeply – an 8-10cm layer is enough.
  • Apply to as large an area as possible around the tree (to the drip-line of the canopy).
  • Avoid pedestrian or vehicle traffic on mulched areas.
  • Never use wood chips from diseased trees or recently chipped living trees without aeration, ageing or inoculation.