Tree Advice

All of our tree advice is supplied from trained and highly qualified Arborists (often referred to as Tree Surgeons or Tree Doctors). ArborCo, establishsed in 1992, has over 20 years experience in arboricultural consulting for property owners.

Our consultant Arborists can supply authoritative tree information on:

  • Tree health and structure.
  • Tree hazard and risk assessment.
  • Development near trees.
  • Tree reports for Council.
  • Proactive tree maintenance.
  • Tree budget estimates.
  • Whole of site tree surveys.
  • Tree valuations.
  • Tree disputes.
  • Insurance claims from tree incidents.
  • Heritage trees or significance.
  • Tree species recommendations for replanting.
  • Expert witness.

If required, ArborCo can provide expert testimony in court in relation to tree disputes or incidents. All our Arborists are covered by ArborCo’s Professional Indemnity Insurance.